about us

Digitalcommunityarchive.com is an image library on the topic of (digital) community.

In relation to the pandemic events in the last years, the question of community seems to be more important than ever. Under the restrictions people experienced, our desire for community has increased. At the same time, it appears to be the right moment to critique previous forms of being together. In this sense, the exhibition series "Communitas" – curated by Kollektiv Kollektiv in 2021 at the Kunsthaus Steffisburg – examined different modes of community and put them to the test in various projects and events.

For the project "Communitas III: Digitale Gemeinschaft" (Digital Community) the curatorial group initiated an open call and received artistic works from places all over the world. Together the works of the participants contribute to this online platform and to the third “Communitas” exhibition at Kunsthaus Steffisburg (7.11.–5.12.2021).

Digitalcommunityarchive.com is based on the idea of "Movie-Dromes" by Stan Vanderbeek (1927–1984). The experimental filmmaker and early computer artist saw the "Movie-Dromes" – a dome structure resembling Buckminster Fullers gedodesic dome – as part of a decentralised network of autonomous communities. Inside the dome viewers could watch a flow of images drawn from a global image library.

The call for entries is still open and Kollektiv Kollektiv – consisting of Domenika Chandra, Anna Schiestl and Hanna Diedrichs gen. Thormann – is interested in growing this platform further. We want to know:
What do community and collaboration mean to you? How do you experience different forms of social communities? How is it expressed in your work? What is your definition of a digital community? What changes have you been observing in the last year?

Please find the open call here. If you are interested in contributing to the image library, please write us an email: kollektivkollektiv@gmx.ch